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The quality, dependable choice in commercial HVAC since 1991. 

Our qualified, hard-working and compassionate team of experts are committed to finding the solutions to any of your commercial HVAC needs: 

  • Have an emergency? Call 24/7. 
  • Need a custom solution? Our top-ranked team has answers to your unique situations.
  • On-going maintenance? We’ve got your maintenance team.

You can expect excellence with Super Heat Inc.


Specializing in commercial HVAC/R since 1991.

During our early start in both residential and commercial HVAC over 30 years ago, it became apparent that there were significant needs in the commercial and industrial sector of the HVAC/R industry. Super Heat Inc. focused and developed a dedicated and extensive team of qualified professionals who could respond to the unique needs of commercial and industrial HVAC/R repair, maintenance and installation.

You will consistently receive excellence in the custom solutions for any of your commercial and industrial HVAC needs with Super Heat Inc.
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~ Paul Taylor, President/Owner