Commercial & Industrial HVAC/Boiler

Dear Paul and Company,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your help over the past two weeks!

All of you were incredible in your response and management of the crisis at Moravian on Super Bowl weekend! Your response and ability to get heat and hot water back so quickly is a testimony to the skill and integrity of the Super Heat team.

Thanks again to all of you and I look forward to seeing you all on campus in the future.


Mike O’Hare
Moravian College

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your excellent service and attention.
We appreciate all that you do for us.


Bonnie and Thomas Drula

Dear Paul,

Super Heat truly is a Super company!

Our heating system, from the beginning, has been a mess! We have had numerous heating contractors work on our system over 15 years. No one got it working correctly until we called Super Heat, Inc. Bill actually figured out how to make it work and Bob and Bill work together as a team.

The system is now working properly and we are experiencing uniform heat. It’s wonderful!

This recent cold spell put the system to a test. It operated very satisfactorily. A true testimonial to Bill and Bob’s expertise. Thanks to all at Super Heat, Inc.

Curt and Fannie Schisler

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I’m writing to express my wonderment (if you will) with two of your employees who have made my deliveries to your company somewhat extraordinary.

From the first encounter with Charlie Mac. He has been consistently friendly, helpful, upbeat, humorous, and personable. Charlie is always in great spirits, congenial, and he’s truly a nice guy. I’ve met many good people in my travels. Usually there is a ‘getting familiar’ period (like two or three deliveries) before the makings of a friendship evolve. Not so with Charlie. The first time we met he treated me like a dear friend.

A little over a month ago I stopped to make a delivery and your shop was empty. I tapped on the window at the office and was pleasantly greeted by Lori, who, in an instant, expressed courtesy, concern, initiative, intelligence, and helpfulness. Words cannot adequately describe the essence of Lori’s cheerful, welcoming, and beautiful personality. But I can tell you that she certainly brightened my day.

You are blessed to have these two wonderful people in your employee. Making deliveries to Super Heat, Inc. is a cherished treat.


Peter Keiffer

To Super Heat,

We just wanted to give you a big thank you to Shana and Jake who went above and beyond during the call to our home great customer service – keep it up!

Best regards,

John and Nicole Lefant

Hi Paul,

I wanted to let you know of my experience with Super Heat installing a new heat pump/ac system in my home.

Ron Lobb went out of his way to come up with a solution for replacing my 40+ year-old system and met with Bill Doyle at my house so that Bill could propose a system and work up a quote.

When Bill’s quote came through I took several deep breaths and wrote a big check. There is no way I was going to even consider working with anyone else. Bill answered my many questions and even filled out energy rebate and tax credit forms for me.

Within a week, Bill arrived here with three of your techs, Brian, Najeep, and Andrew, who has been a very familiar face for quite a few years. Bill familiarized them with what was to be done and answered yet more questions for me.

As you know, Paul, on a much smaller scale I dealt with the challenges of finding and keeping good employees for almost a half-century, so I am vry much attuned to how people go about their work and interact with customers.

These guys are good. They finished the job in several days, (which was the low end of the estimated time of completion), worked efficiently, cleaned up after themselves at the end of each day, and were a pleasure to have in our house. To my surprise, they even put away all of the many stored items that they had previously moved out of their way in my cramped utility room.

You and I have had a few conversations over the years and I have always been impressed with how you run your company. I know first-hand that the attitude of the business owner filters down through the company’s employees.

Ron, Bill, Najeep, Brian, and Andrew are working hard to make you and Super Heat look good. I’m grateful to be your customer.

August 4, 2023

Tomias Hinchcliff