Commercial & Industrial HVAC/Boiler

Expression of Wonderment of Employees

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I’m writing to express my wonderment (if you will) with two of your employees who have made my deliveries to your company somewhat extraordinary.

From the first encounter with Charlie Mac. He has been consistently friendly, helpful, upbeat, humorous, and personable. Charlie is always in great spirits, congenial, and he’s truly a nice guy. I’ve met many good people in my travels. Usually there is a ‘getting familiar’ period (like two or three deliveries) before the makings of a friendship evolve. Not so with Charlie. The first time we met he treated me like a dear friend.

A little over a month ago I stopped to make a delivery and your shop was empty. I tapped on the window at the office and was pleasantly greeted by Lori, who, in an instant, expressed courtesy, concern, initiative, intelligence, and helpfulness. Words cannot adequately describe the essence of Lori’s cheerful, welcoming, and beautiful personality. But I can tell you that she certainly brightened my day.

You are blessed to have these two wonderful people in your employee. Making deliveries to Super Heat, Inc. is a cherished treat.